Scott Immel considers himself as a jack of trades. Despite being a graphic designer by trade, he did not grow up as an artist. He found himself jumping around from interest to interest in search for something to fulfill his curiosity with the world. His curiosity in life has always involved trying to understand how people think and how they interact or react with certain forms of media. This can be seen by his past involvement in the fields of psychology, history, theaterĀ arts, and game design. He takes his experience in these fields and his natural desire to understand how people think and applies to his new found passion, which is graphic design.
Scott enjoys taking on bold and different forms of graphic design and is not afraid to explore something he has never done before. He has experimented in such things as, board game design and video game design. He also embraces the creation of logo design and uses minimalistic color schemes and shapes to create sleek and simple designs. He looks forward to exploring the frontier of graphic design and learning about new forms of art in which he can apply to his own designs.
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